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November 9th and 10th, 2018

The 2018 SeaGL Schedule is now Available!
September 21, 2018

We’re pleased to announce the SeaGL 2018 schedule!

Two days!

Four amazing keynotes!

Fifty six spectacular talks!

Click on the Schedule link in the header to see what we have in store for you in 2018, or just click here.

We’re really excited by this schedule and can’t wait for you to join us in November to learn from these brilliant presenters.

SeaGL Talk Proposal Response Emails
September 07, 2018

Many months ago I had a request to share our CFP accept/decline/waitlist emails. Since a lot of conferences have to send these out, I figured I’d share them publicly here rather than share them with a single person.

As with all SeaGL materials, these are licensed CC BY-SA, so feel free to use and remix them however you and your event needs.

SeaGL Talk Proposal Acceptance Email

SUBJECT: [seagl20XX] Proposal accepted!


Dear {name},

Your proposal, {eventtitle}, is accepted for {conference}!

We would like to announce the schedule soon, so please confirm your talk no later than EOD Pacific Time on DATE. You can confirm your talk at {proposalslink} or by responding to this email.

Your submission can be found at: {proposalslink}

We encourage you to share the news of your talk acceptance far and wide! If you tweet about it, please tag @seagl so we can retweet it for you.

We are hoping to record this year’s talks. Please let us know if you would NOT like your talk recorded.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in MONTH!

Best wishes,

{conference} Team


SeaGL Talk Proposal Decline Email

SUBJECT: [seagl20XX] Proposal declined


Dear {name},

Your proposal, {eventtitle}, was unfortunately not accepted for SeaGL this year.

We know you put a lot of time and effort into your proposal and we want to thank you for making our selection process so challenging.

If you would like feedback on your proposal, please email and we will share what we can, as soon as we get a chance. (If everyone asks for feedback, it might take a little while.)

There are many potential reasons why we declined your proposal that have nothing to do with the quality of the topic itself. For instance, it may not have been a good fit for the SeaGL audience, or it was declined because we’re only accepting one talk per speaker.

It’s still a good idea that deserves more exposure. If you would like to share your story, we encourage you to submit your proposal to our friends at as an article idea:

We hope you will plan to attend SeaGL in MONTH. There will be lots of great people like you there to meet and share ideas with.

Thanks again for taking the time to submit a talk proposal. We really appreciate it!

Best wishes,

{conference} Team


SeaGL Talk Proposal Waitlist Email

SUBJECT: [seagl20XX] Proposal Waitlisted


Dear NAME,

Your proposal(s) was highly rated by our reviewers but faced a lot of excellent competition. We would like to include it in the program but ran out of space for it:


We’ve sent out the first round of acceptance emails and anticipate some speakers will not be able to make it, leaving open holes in the schedule where we can fit your talk. This may take a little while as the schedule settles out.

If you would like to remove your proposal from the waitlist rather than wait for a schedule opening, we totally understand. Just reply to this email and we’ll handle that for you.

We hope you will still plan to attend SeaGL in MONTH. There will be lots of great people like you there to meet and share ideas with.

Thanks again for taking the time to submit a talk proposal – we really appreciate it!

Best wishes,

Seattle GNU/Linux Conference 20XX Team

CFP Acceptances by the Numbers
September 03, 2018

All talk proposal notifications went out this morning. While we’re still waiting for speakers to confirm they can do the selected talks, we thought it would be interesting to share some more numbers now that the schedule is taking shape.


Our selections are based almost entirely upon raw score data. To put it simply: the highest-rated talks were accepted, with the caveat that we only accepted one talk from any proposer.

Normally we’d look at the raw scores and then massage things a bit to get a better balance of topics and speakers, but that was not necessary. The proposals we received this year were so good and so diverse that no program-massaging was necessary at all. The straight numbers were pretty much all we needed.

And speaking of numbers…

55 talks accepted

We received 163 proposals and accepted 55 of them. That’s a 33.7% acceptance rate.

The majority of declined talks were due to us accepting only one talk per speaker. A lot of folks proposed several talks, so they received several decline emails.

We’re very grateful that people proposed multiple talks. It allowed us a lot of flexibility in creating a well-balanced and interesting program. Next year, though, we’d like to consolidate to a single decline email if possible. It’s more humane than, for instance, one acceptance email and six decline emails (as one of our proposers received).

Break down by track

Bar chart of accepted talks, broken down by track

Sysadmin/Ops/DevOps was far and away the most popular track among the accepted talks, but Programming and InfoSec weren’t too far behind.

Bringing up the rear is Data/AI/ML with only a single accepted talk. Considering the current popularity of AI and Machine Learning, we were really surprised we didn’t receive more good proposals on this topic.

Regardless, the SeaGL schedule is going to have something for everyone. We’re very pleased with the diversity of topics represented.

27% 20-minute talks

Last year we introduced the 20-minute talk option and we had 14 talks of that length on the schedule.

This year we have 15 20-minute talks on the schedule (so far), which is nice and consistent.

13% first-time presenters

Pie chart of first time presenter stats showing 13% of accepted SeaGL 2018 presenters are new to tech conference speaking

SeaGL believes in building the Free Software and open source community of the future and part of that is supporting new conference speakers.

We’re pleased that 13% of our acceptances this year were from people who have not presented at a conference before.

We would like to improve this number in future years, but when 6.4% of the total number of proposals were from people who self-identify as first time speakers, we think that 13% is still pretty darn good.

Welcome to presenting! We’re happy to have you at SeaGL.

44% under-represented presenters

Pie chart of diversity stats showing 44% of accepted SeaGL 2018 presenters self-identify as a member of a group that's under-represented in technology.

A full 44% of the accepted talks come from people who self-identify as a member of an under-represented group in technology.

We’re particularly proud of this number, we have to confess. We work very hard to make SeaGL a safe space for all people. With numbers like this, it looks like the word is getting out. We’re very honored that people trust us to continue having a welcoming environment.

It’s only through embracing, increasing, and fostering diversity in technology that we’ll be able to improve and spread the ethos of Free Software. Thank you, SeaGL attendees and staff, for helping with this and keep up the great work.

Schedule caveat

These numbers are just for the initial acceptances. Due to speaker schedules and obligations, some of them may not be able to present at SeaGL in November. Therefore the final schedule may not reflect these exact numbers as we sub in someone from the waitlist.

Nominate a Community Superhero!
August 22, 2018

Nominations are open for the 2018 Cascadia Community Builder Award

The Cascadia Community Builder Award is designed to recognize work in software projects, non-profit organizations, outreach and education, hackerspace, user groups or any activity that promotes the adoption and appreciation of free software to new and larger groups of people. The awards committee is especially interested in individuals who have successfully reached out to traditionally under-represented groups, even if that isn’t their primary goal.

To nominate someone, please send us an email email us at with the nominee’s name in the subject line.

  • Name and email address of the nominee (if you have it)
  • A sentence or two about why you think they deserve this award
  • Projects or organizations they serve through (links are very helpful!)

Please only nominate people who are doing their free software work in the Cascadia region and who are currently living. Thanks in advance for helping us honor a great community builder!

The award will be presented in November at SeaGL. Want to be part of the action? We’re actively seeking volunteers! Just email and introduce yourself!

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The 2018 Seattle GNU/Linux Conference is scheduled for November 9th and 10th at Seattle Central College (Maps). 9am-5:30pm both days.

SeaGL is a grassroots technical conference dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about the GNU/Linux community and free/libre/open-source software/hardware. Our goal for SeaGL is to produce an event which is as enjoyable and informative for those who spend their days maintaining hundreds of servers as it is for a student who has only just started exploring technology options. SeaGL's first year was 2013. The SeaGL web site is built with Jekyll and we use OSEM for event management.

The cost of attendance is free.

Attendee Registration will not require the use of non-free software.

You may attend SeaGL without identifying yourself, and you are encouraged to do so to protect your privacy.


We will have a small hall available for exhibitors. Free tables will be available for free/libre/open-source software/hardware and non-profit organizations, and there are several sponsorship levels for everyone else. If your organization would like an exhibit table at SeaGL, please send an email to for our vendor prospectus.

Exhibitor space is limited, please contact us right away if you are interested in a table.


We can't do what we need to do without the support of the community. If you would like to offer financial support but don't need an exhibit table, please send an email to

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