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November 11th and 12th, 2016

Travel Information
September 19, 2016

SeaGL 2016 will run on the 11th and 12th of November at Seattle Central College. It’s a great location very close to transportation links.

The address is: _1701 Broadway Seattle, WA 98122_

Street parking is available on many streets near the college at 2.50 an hour with a two hour max limit. There is a parking garage on Harvard and Pine, accessed via Harvard avenue. You can check up to date availability and further information via their website.


From Seattle Westlake Center - In addition to driving, travel by walking, bus and tram are available.

From Everett, Washington - In addition to driving, travel by plane, train and bus are available.

From Portland, Oregon - In addition to driving, travel by plane, train and bus are available.

From Vancouver, BC - In addition to driving, travel by plane, train and bus are available.


There are several hotels within walking distance of the college such as Hilton and Silver Cloud Hotel as well as a multitude of Airbnb listings.


November is one of the wettest months of the year for Seattle, with a temperature generally between 41F/5C and 52F/11C. While wet, it doesn’t generally snow. A little light wind or a rain storm is pretty common for this time of year. Warm, weather proof clothing are reasonable items to pack, as is an umbrella.


There is a lot to see and do in Seattle. The most visited sites include the Space Needle, Pike Place Market and the Experience Music Project Museum.

How your sponsorship can help many
September 03, 2016

There’s a lot that goes into crafting a great conference experience, and an essential part of that is sponsorship. Sponsorship helps cover a lot of necessities, like venue and equipment costs - but it also allows the conference committee to do some truly extraordinary things for those who may not be able to attend without a helping hand. Without sponsorship, we would be unable to fund assistance like;

  • Help with the travel costs for less privileged speakers and attendees
  • Providing lunch to local student attendees
  • Making SeaGL a free conference for all attendees

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring SeaGL, please contact us at to discuss the sponsorship packages available or check out our prospectus here.

Older News


The 2016 Seattle GNU/Linux Conference is scheduled for November 11th and 12th at Seattle Central College (Maps).

SeaGL is a grassroots technical conference dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about the GNU/Linux community and free/libre/open-source software/hardware. Our goal for SeaGL is to produce an event which is as enjoyable and informative for those who spend their days maintaining hundreds of servers as it is for a student who has only just started exploring technology options. SeaGL's first year was 2013. The SeaGL web site is built with Jekyll and we use OSEM for event management.

The cost of attendance is free.

Attendee Registration will not require the use of non-free software.

You may attend SeaGL without identifying yourself, and you are encouraged to do so to protect your privacy.


We will have a small hall available for exhibitors. Free tables will be available for free/libre/open-source software/hardware and non-profit organizations, and there are several sponsorship levels for everyone else. If your organization would like an exhibit table at SeaGL, please send an email to for our vendor prospectus.

Exhibitor space is limited, please contact us right away if you are interested in a table.


We can't do what we need to do without the support of the community. If you would like to offer financial support but don't need an exhibit table, please send an email to

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Our fiscal sponsor, Linux Expo of Southern California, Inc., has partnered with Coinbase so you can donate Bitcoin to support SeaGL. Thank you for your support!

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SeaGL is dedicated to a harassment-free conference experience for everyone. Our code of conduct can be found here