November 4th & 5th, 2022
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Founded in 2013, SeaGL (the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference) is a free—as in freedom and tea—grassroots technical summit dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about free / libre / open source software, hardware, and culture.

SeaGL strives to be welcoming, enjoyable, and informative for professional technologists, newcomers, enthusiasts, and all other users of free software, regardless of their background knowledge; providing a space to bridge these experiences and strengthen the free software movement through mentorship, collaboration, and community.

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November 4th & 5th, 2022, virtual


SeaGL is free to attend, and you do not need to register—just show up!

You may attend SeaGL without identifying yourself, and you are encouraged to do so to protect your privacy.

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Kicking off SeaGL 2022
April 20, 2022

Do seagulls hibernate? Maybe! But after a winter of resting our feathers, it’s time to take flight again. And this year is special: it’s the tenth SeaGL! That’s right: a whole decade of free and open source software enthusiasts coming together.

Every SeaGL has been special, but we want to make this year even more special. To do that, we need your help! SeaGL has always been a free—as in freedom and tea—grassroots technical summit. That doesn’t happen without our amazing community volunteers. If you’re willing to lend a wing, we want to hear from you. And if your employer wants to join our illustrious list of sponsors, we’ll have a sponsorship prospectus soon.

You may have already seen our call for keynote nominations. We’d love to hear your suggestions for keynote speakers. If you’d like to speak in one of our program tracks, the call for participation will be posted in the coming months.

One thing that you may be wondering is: where will SeaGL 2022 be? The last two years, we have had a virtual SeaGL with great success. Being virtual has allowed us to reach all parts of the globe and make new friends we’d have never met. But we also know that there’s something special about being together in person that just can’t be replicated online. The safety of our community is paramount, so we’re still working on a plan for this year.

However we get together, we hope to see you November 4–5!

Now Accepting Nominations for SeaGL 2022 Keynotes
April 15, 2022

One of the things that makes SeaGL unique from other conferences is that our community helps us select our keynote speakers. For the next two weeks, we will be accepting nominations for people you would like to see present this year’s keynote talks.

While you are welcome to nominate yourself, we encourage you to take some time to think about other people you have seen present in the past who you think have an important message to share and nominate them as well.

To nominate someone, please use our keynote speaker nomination form. You can submit as many nominations as you want (the more the merrier!), and all submissions are completely anonymous. The form will be open until Friday, April 29 at 11:59pm PDT.

Nominees need not have prior keynote experience; we are interested in both new and veteran keynote presenters. If they have been doing exciting work in the Open Source community and have and exciting story to share, we want to know about them! We also strive to have representation from a broad range of backgrounds.

We challenge you to think about people who

  • You go out of your way to read all of their Open Source posts on social media
  • Might only have a small following, but are doing amazing work in their own little corner
  • Has done work to empower others and challenge social norms
  • Are always tinkering with new and exciting projects that inspire others to try new things
  • Are slowly, but steadily, working to make the Open Source community and the world a better place for everyone and nominate them to be a SeaGL Keynote presenter!

SeaGL will take place November 4-5, 2022.

SeaGL archives available!
January 14, 2022

Welcome to 2022, the year of the tenth SeaGL! We’re still months away from this milestone, so we have something to hold you over. Archives of the first nine SeaGLs are now available.

Each year’s archive contains a full list of the talks. Every talk has a page that includes the title, speaker(s), and abstract. Where we have recordings, you can watch them right there in your browser. We can’t thank The Internet Archive enough for hosting these videos. If the speaker provided us with slides, those are available, too.

Whether you missed a talk you really wanted to see or loved a talk so much that you want to re-watch it, the SeaGL archive has what you’re looking for. We hope you enjoy SeaGLs past as we start thinking about SeaGL 2022! SeaGL is run by all-volunteer team. If you’d like to be involved, reach out to us.

Thank you for a great 2021!
November 19, 2021

Well, SeaGL 2021 happened and hopefully we’re all on cloud nine. Our second virtual SeaGL was a flying success! It was great to connect folks from around the world, sharing our love of free software and free culture together. And of course, all of the surrounding social events were delightful and insightful as well.

There are just so many people we want to thank! The keynotes from Marie Nordin, Christine Lemmer-Webber, Dr. Morgan Lemmer-Webber, Elana Hashman, and Cory Doctorow were awesome. And truly, all of the presentations were fantastic. Join us in a big thank you to all of our speakers for sharing their time with the community. Ahem, and if you happen to be a speaker, please be sure to check your email for information about this year’s speaker gifts!

SeaGL couldn’t happen without our many wonderful volunteers giving countless hours to the effort. Our heartfelt thanks go to everyone who helped speakers, built our attendee platform, designed our social media images, advised the career expo, and all of the other tasks, major and minor, that went on for months and minutes behind the scenes. SeaGL is first and foremost a grassroots conference, and our volunteers are what keeps it that way. If you want to be a part of SeaGL 2022, it’s never too early to think about volunteering!

Last, but certainly not least, even a volunteer-run conference has expenses. We would of course like to thank the SeaGL 2021 sponsors. In particular, thanks goes to our platinum sponsors—Amazon Web Services and—as well as our gold sponsors—C-SATS, Google, Schedules Direct, and the Ubuntu Community Fund. Thanks also to our silver and bronze sponsors, our media sponsors, and the many other organizations and projects that helped make SeaGL 2021 a resounding success.

We can’t wait for you to join us November 4–5, 2022 for the tenth year of SeaGL!

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