November 5th & 6th, 2021
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SeaGL (the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference) is a free—as in freedom and tea—grassroots technical summit dedicated to spreading awareness and knowledge about free / libre / open source software, hardware, and culture.

SeaGL strives to be welcoming, enjoyable, and informative for professional technologists, newcomers, enthusiasts, and all other users of free software, regardless of their background knowledge; providing a space to bridge these experiences and strengthen the free software movement through mentorship, collaboration, and community.

SeaGL’s first year was 2013.

When & where

November 5th & 6th, 2021, online


SeaGL is free to attend, and you do not need to register—just show up!

You may attend SeaGL without identifying yourself, and you are encouraged to do so to protect your privacy.

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Updated SeaGL Code of Conduct
October 19, 2021

SeaGL is proud to be a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for our community to gather and share ideas. We are always working to make sure that our conference is welcoming for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. As part of this, we expect all participants to abide by our Code of Conduct.

We’ve recently made some changes to our Code of Conduct to ensure that it continues to meet our goals. We added some examples of behavior that is considered harassment so that everyone knows what acceptable behavior looks like. There is now a dedicated email contact for Code of Conduct issues so that we can address incidents quickly while respecting privacy. The Code of Conduct now clearly states that it applies to all physical and online spaces associated with the conference, as well as to anyone participating in any role—speaker, attendee, staff, volunteer, or exhibitior.

Our Code of Conduct has never been about punishment—we hope that by clearly defining acceptable behavior, all participants will be able to help make our space safe and welcoming. However, we recognize that an uneforced Code of Conduct serves no one. We take the Code of Conduct seriously and will address any violations. The SeaGL staff welcome constructive feedback on how we can continue improving our Code of Conduct to serve the needs of the community.

In addition to our Code of Conduct, we continue to take active steps to welcome newcomers with offerings such as:

  • Holding office hours to help prospective speakers with their proposals as part of our CFP process
  • Reaching out directly to underserved communities to encourage speaking and attendance
  • Actively encouraging new speakers
  • Conducting the CfP according to our published Code of Practice

All that said, SeaGL is a big-and-little-F free grassroots technical event organized by volunteers. It is difficult to express how much we appreciate all of those who have participated in bringing SeaGL into its 9th year (THANK YOU!). We wouldn’t be here without the community that has supported us along the way and we are committed to supporting it!

If there are any questions regarding our conference or the commitments we make to our community, please reach out to If there is a need for further communication regarding the Code of Conduct, please use

SeaGL 2021 Schedule Published!
October 15, 2021

Hello SeaGL seagulls! The schedule itself is now published! There will be some additions and some things might get moved around, depending, but this is fairly finalized for the talks themselves!

We’ll see you Friday November 5 & Saturday November 6 for SeaGL 2021, all virtual! As always, SeaGL is completely free to attend and no registration is required. All speakers, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and anyone else involved in SeaGL are required to abide by the Code of Conduct.



  • Marie Nordin
  • Elana Hashman
  • Morgan Lemmer-Webber and Christine Lemmer-Webber
  • Cory Doctorow


(listed alphabetically by speaker’s given name)

  • Walking The Cultural Tightrope - Aeva Black
  • Computing Confidentially in the Clouds - Aeva Black
  • FLOSS daily — but FLO all the time - Aaron Wolf, Athan Spathas, Wm Salt Hale
  • Your bug tracker and you - Ben Cotton
  • SSH from your DevOps CI/CD securely - Bri Hatch
  • Good Shell Patterns - Bri Hatch
  • Stories from reviving and extending a university’s information security program - Brian Callahan
  • JSON Document Validation in MySQL 8.0 - David M. Stokes
  • Understanding the MySQL Authentication Process - David M. Stokes
  • The Stories We Don’t Tell - Dawn E. Collett
  • Free Security for Open-Source Projects - Dawn E. Collett
  • Responding Thoughtfully to a Crisis - Deb Nicholson
  • Introduction to Nextcloud - der.hans
  • Intro to jq: grep for JSON - der.hans
  • Sounds of Open Source archaeology: processing sound with sox - Dmitrii
  • Developing on Nextcloud - Elior Sterling
  • Building cloud networks: Terraform or Ansible? - Francois Caen
  • Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics - Georg Link
  • Open Source Governance: Six Types and Three Models - Josh Berkus
  • Open Source Business Practices - Jim Hall
  • Expressive Security - Katie McLaughlin
  • Predictive Modeling and Privacy - M. de Blanc
  • PostgreSQL Participation in Google’s Summer of Code - Mark Wong
  • Birds by Starlight: Tracking Nocturnal Flight Calls Using Open Source Software - Richard Littauer
  • Know Your Rights as a Tech Worker - Shauna Gordon-McKeon
  • Software Tools for Collective Self-Governance - Shauna Gordon-McKeon
  • Lessons Learned from a Ransomware Attack - Ski
  • Technically Biased: Taking Free Software’s Niche Appeal Mainstream - Stephen Michel
  • Cross debugging on Linux : A history, current state of the art and coming improvements - Thierry Bultel
  • Does open source need its own Priority of Constituencies? - Tobie Langel
  • Debugging Reproducible Builds One Day at a Time - Vagrant Cascadian

Call for Volunteers 2021 and Beyond
October 05, 2021

As we get closer to November, SeaGL is starting the process of looking for volunteers to help with several roles across the virtual conference. There are many opportunities to get involved!

Please note, while the schedule is still in the oven baking, please reach out to Once a finalized schedule is formed, we will reach out with a detailed sign up form via email to coordinate training in short informative sessions or via prerecorded instruction.

Help Desk

Folks in this role will assist in answering common questions about the conference, where to find information, when talks are happening, how to navigate to virtual sponsor area or events, etc. We will provide a FAQ sheet and other documentation, and you will have the ability to escalate questions to specific folks as needed.

Speaker Wrangler

Assist speakers in entering the room for presentation, troubleshooting their presentation needs, making sure speakers are at the right place at the right time, and introduce the speaker to the audience. Moderate the Q&A portion as needed by relaying chat questions to the speaker. Give time cues to the speaker, if wished by the speaker. Additional tasks include keeping an eye out and responding to Code of Conduct abuse in the channel and to, as needed, triage to staff to assist.

Career Counseling

The Career event at SeaGL is a great opportunity to share and get feedback on resumes and all things jobs and hiring. Having more folks to provide unique perspectives and feedback to folks seeking counseling is always appreciated.

SeaGL also requires a lot of work leading up to the conference. More helping hands are always valuable. These roles can start ASAP as we gear up for the conference date, and many continue in the time in-between each year’s conference.


SeaGL has put together a lot of fun tech to make this conference run and can always use help to further the platform. If you have experience with light web development, and customizing Matrix bots (likely a mix of Python and TypeScript) that would be great. More eyes on the development stage and user experience testing would also be great.


Outreach handles promotion and community communication through social media and other avenues. They also provide the graphic design support, blog posts, social media blasts, etc. The committee is also looking for another chair to help lead.


Reaching out to partnership leads is an exciting role that involves emailing leads, corresponding and sharing the yearly prospectus, and relaying the results through an internal process. If you are passionate about connecting community sponsors to SeaGL or representing SeaGL in other community spaces, there’s also room for you too! Organization and timely correspondence via email and light Google Sheets skills are the key here.


The volunteer committee could use more support documenting all areas of the conference or in user-testing the documentation that comes about for various users so all volunteers have a guide to work off of.

We are always open to more ideas of how folks can get involved, so if you have anything you’d like to do that isn’t listed above, please also reach out to

SeaGL 2021 keynote speakers
September 27, 2021

We’re excited to share the first part of the SeaGL 2021 program with you—our keynote speakers!

Taking the virtual stage this year are:

  • Marie Nordin
  • Christine & Morgan Lemmer-Webber
  • Elana Hashman
  • Cory Doctorow

Some of these names are new to SeaGL and some have spoken here before. But all of them will be giving great talks that you don’t want to miss.

As in years past, the Program Committee selected keynote speakers from your nominations. We thank everyone who gave us suggestions.

For the other talks, all speakers have been notified. Once we have confirmation, we’ll be able to share the schedule with you. We can’t wait to see you online November 5–6!

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We will have a small hall available for exhibitors. Free tables will be available for free/libre/open-source software/hardware and non-profit organizations, and there are several sponsorship levels for everyone else. If your organization would like an exhibit table at SeaGL, please send an email to for our vendor prospectus.

Exhibitor space is limited, please contact us right away if you are interested in a table.


We can’t do what we need to do without the support of the community. If you would like to offer financial support but don’t need an exhibit table, please send an email to