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Organization for SeaGL 2023 has kicked off!

2023 marks our 11th year as an all-volunteer staffed FLOSS conference. With three virtual events under our belt, the plan is to begin our second decade with a return to an in-person experience in Seattle. However, to maintain the remote participants who have joined us, we will be pushing for a hybrid setting. Would you like to lend a beak or wing to the effort?

Please email us at or hop into our Matrix channel or the #SeaGL IRC channel on and say hi!

Let us know you’d like to help out and we’ll send an invitation to our bi-monthly organizing meetings.

Staff Committees

The volunteer work needed to put SeaGL together is roughly organized into the following committees. Specific skill gaps will be added as they are identified.

  • Attendee Experience: Focusing on attendee matters and prioritizing the SeaGL community.
  • CoC (Code of Conduct): Making sure the policies and protocols in place keep SeaGL a safe space.
  • Finance: Keeping an eye on the SeaGL books and issuing reimbursements.
  • IDEA: Promoting inclusion, diversity, equity, and access at SeaGL and beyond.
  • Partnerships: Connecting SeaGL with other groups, organizations, and sponsors.
  • Programming & Flow: Packing the SeaGL program with amazing content.
  • Promotion & Outreach: Spreading the word about SeaGL world wide.
  • SRE/Technical: Central nest for SeaGL technical operations.
  • Volunteers: Keeping the SeaGL staff happy and recruiting new volunteers to the flock.

Sponsors and Non-Profit Exhibitors

We are currently updating the sponsor prospectus for SeaGL 2023.

In-kind contributions are accepted from media and local partners. Free space is made available for non-profit and educational organizations. Please see our sponsors page for a list of current supporters and email us at to discuss further partnership opportunities!

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Please join us in Matrix or IRC.

Organizer List

Please join our seagl_organize group.


Please join our announcement mailing list.


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