November 3rd & 4th, 2023
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How to Delegate, Like a Boss!

SeaGL 2013

Many free software projects would like to have more people doing more stuff, but delegating seems time-consuming. Meanwhile, new contributor enthusiasm is one of the most valuable commodities in the free software world. Strategic delegation can help grow a project while conserving contributor energy. Great delegators know how to attract enthusiastic new people and maintain their momentum once they’ve arrived.

Projects need empowerers instead of bottlenecks. Several things can be done to prepare a project for new delegees. Designing self-serve processes and transparent systems can help you grow your project. Learn how to set reasonable expectations for what you can delegate, what your new contributors can accomplish and how to keep your delegees on task. Happy and fulfilled contributors keep coming back for more tasks.

Not all aspects of delegation are intuitive and not every person is right for every project. There are ways to identify and gently release those folks who are a poor fit for your project. Delegate like a boss!


Deb Nicholson

Deb Nicholson