November 3rd & 4th, 2023
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Contributing in the OpenStack Ecosystem

SeaGL 2014

The OpenStack project takes a new approach to contributing to monolithic open source projects. The OpenStack ecosystem is a high-performance development environment that supports the collaboration of thousands of contributors to hundreds of open source projects across numerous companies and nations. It is designed to make contributing efficient and to ensure that good software is produced. However, because it is such a vast and complex system, it can be intimidating for a contributor to get started. It is especially different from a closed-source, Github-based, or mailing-list-based workflow. This talk will introduce potential and beginning OpenStack contributors to the different components of the OpenStack ecosystem, including Gerrit, Launchpad, Jenkins and Zuul, the design process, documentation, and mediums for getting help such as IRC, mailing lists, and web forums. We will focus on communication techniques, open source etiquette, and other cultural topics not addressed by the OpenStack How To Contribute guide that may be different from other open source norms. The audience will be able to navigate the different parts of the OpenStack development environment, have an understanding of the OpenStack culture and development process, and be on their way to making effective contributions to OpenStack projects.


Colleen Murphy

Colleen Murphy