November 3rd & 4th, 2023
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DevOps is an Attitude

SeaGL 2014

As Engineers, when we see something broken, we want to fix it. As technologists we tend to look to technology to solve problems, to make life easier and to avoid the need for human interaction.

DevOps isn’t a tool, it isn’t a specific set of technologies, there is no manifest to define it and it certainly isn’t a specific role or job title. This is about changing hearts and minds, removing the barriers (physical, organizational, and social) between business units.

There is no right way to do DevOps (but there certainly is wrong way!) getting the conversations happening that lead to formative change is the key. But what do you need to change? Can you change ingrained thought processes? Does DevOps even matter in a new team or company?

In this discussion we’ll talk about the buzz-worthy aspects of DevOps: Continuous Integration, Test/Behavior Driven Development, Monitoring, Measuring, Automation, and Feedback Loops. But we’ll focus on the human factor, the communication channels and why this communication is important. It’s not about the how, it’s about they why.


Lisa Hagemann

Lisa Hagemann