November 8th & 9th, 2024
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A brief history of Linux Containers: 1999 to 2016

SeaGL 2016

Contrary to the popular opinion, Linux Containers is not a new technology – its development started well before the term itself appeared. The talk goes through the last 15 (or so) years of Linux Containers development, mostly covering the enabling kernel features such as namespaces, cgroups and checkpoint/restore, but also mentioning products such as Docker, OpenVZ, LXC/LXD, and CRIU.


Kirill Kolyshkin

Kirill Kolyshkin, Virtuozzo/OpenVZ

I am Linux and free software enthusiast as well as a professional. I was leading the OpenVZ Linux Containers project since its very beginning in 2005 till 2015. I work for Virtuozzo (ex Parallels), my interests include Linux, containers, checkpoint/restore, distributed filesystems, motorbikes, and firewood splitting.