November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Blockchain and Cryptocurrency for Free and Open Source Project Governance

SeaGL 2016

A look at the future use of value based consensus networks to govern or manage open source projects.

What potential benefits does the application of blockchain technology offer an open source community?

The talk will highlight the events within Bitcoin and the governance and control mechanisms that are currently available to the network.

Discussion of mechanisms implemented within Dash and Tezos (and others) in the interest of improving governance capabilities in cryptocurrency.

Will offer ideas for how open source projects that are not cryptocurrencies may leverage such technology, and what metrics may be considered.

Speaker is Joe Roets:

  • Disney Private Blockchain Platform - Architect and Founder
  • W3C Blockchain Community Group Member
  • Symbiont - Former Senior Vice President
  • Project Medici - Former Senior Technical Advisor



Joe Roets

Joe Roets, Dragonchain

Joe Roets is a successful Software and Systems Architect with experience as CIO, CTO, and Senior Vice President in many industries. For over 20 years at such companies as Disney, Lockheed Martin, Sprint, FBI, DoD, and createTank, he has spearheaded new technology groups and led software engineering teams both large and small.

Joe has led multiple productization efforts in advanced technologies. At Disney, Joe founded and leads a team to explore and productize a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform. As project and software lead on the MPL mobile project, he directed the process from concept/funding to a fully operational system, delivering a next generation mobile capability to consumers and 3rd party integrators. On the cloudGatherer and BoltWS projects, Joe successfully obtained angel funding and led technical teams to build a security focused product platform with which organizations deploy their services on a cloud-provider agnostic platform.