November 8th & 9th, 2024
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“ENHANCE” - A primer on digital forensics

SeaGL 2016

News today is thick with stories of government agencies trying to find digital evidence of wrongdoing; interrogating mobile phones for evidence, tracing emails to find a stalker or looking at a killer’s search history to discover motives. Digital forensic analysis now plays a pivotal role in both corporate and legal investigations. However, few outside of the industry understand the intricacies involved in a forensic undertaking - the capabilities and limitations of the forensics investigative process, the role of the digital forensic investigator or the extent of the laws governing these actions.

In this session, I will provide an overview of digital forensics. Attendees will learn what digital forensics draws from forensic science, how the law informs what a forensic investigator is ethically able to do and what the incident response process should look like.


Tiberius Hefflin

Tiberius Hefflin

Tibbs recently graduated from the University of West of Scotland with a degree in computer security. She has relocated to Portland, OR, where she evangelizes for privacy and security while doing security assurance work for Portland General Electric. She is passionate about encouraging small children to take the plunge into STEM and about laughing at cats on the internet.