November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Introduction to Reproducible Builds

SeaGL 2016

The Reproducible Builds project aims to bring us closer to a world where binary software can be independently verified as the result of building the provided source code, as a matter of best practices.

Without being able to verify that the software actually used is the software produced from the source code, this leaves open the possibility of unintentional or even malicious security vulnerabilities.

The focus will be on common examples of reproducibility issues, tools to troubleshoot reproducibility issues, and most importantly, ways to fix these issues.


Vagrant Cascadian

Vagrant Cascadian, Reproducible Builds, Debian, Aikidev

Vagrant is a free software developer involved in the the Debian project, a system administrator for an ARM build farm for Reproducible Builds, and gets thrown around repeatedly as a hobby. You can find vagrant on social networks such as the OpenPGP web of trust and the Debian Bug Tracking system!