November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Surviving Being a Linux Sysadmin

SeaGL 2016

I’ve been asked by other sysadmins “Why are you so happy? You’re at work.” Sure, there are things that stress me out. There are definitely parts of my job I truly dislike, but overall, I’m having fun. How did I manage to hold on to that sense of fun when so many admins around me didn’t? Well, honestly, I didn’t either. I’ve had to relearn it more than once. I’ve managed to find the things that work and the things that don’t. I’d like to share them with others, and open a discussion about what’s worked or isn’t working for the group. Important topics include:

  • Compartmentalization - Separating work from outside life.
  • Users - Can be frustrating, but also your biggest support. How do you gain their buy in?
  • Tools - Deployment, Config Management, and Monitoring keep you sane. Or, at least less insane.
  • Networking - A good network of other geeks is very important for information and mental health.
  • Stress Management - Lower stress by learning key skills and humor.