November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Your Resume Is Code

SeaGL 2016

Does your resume sit abandoned in a Word or LibreOffice document, forgotten for years at a time between job hunts? Is it unpleasant to work on, inconsistently formatted, and difficult to read?

LaTeX is a Free Software document formatting tool which can make your resume not only aesthetically pleasing, but fun to hack on as well! This talk will teach you the basics of LaTeX typesetting, how to apply it to your resume, and some best practices for making the document useful to your recruiters and interviewers. And since your resume will now be a single text file that you can use common Unix utilities to render into a format of your choice, you can apply your favorite version control and code review tools to it as well!


E. Dunham

E. Dunham, Mozilla

E. Dunham is the DevOps engineer for Mozilla research, which in practice means shepherding servers for the Rust language and Servo browser engine web presence, continuous integration, and release infrastructure. The OSU Open Source Lab alum’s hobbies include carpentry, gardening, and filing “please license your code” issues on GitHub.