November 3rd & 4th, 2023
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Automatic Chicken Door HOWTO

SeaGL 2017

In this talk I’ll show you how I created a raspberry pi-powered chicken door using only Free Software. You can use this knowledge to get inspired to create your own automated hardware+software systems. I’ll go over these features:

  • hardware interleave gravity lock mechanism
  • instant-read photoresistor poll door actuation trigger
  • photoresistor signal analog to digital conversion
  • worm gear 12V DC motor controlled via L9110 motor driver chip
  • dual hall-effect magnetic door position sensors
  • fallback door status mitigating magnetic sensor failure
  • night-vision wide-angle camera with motion-triggered video capture
  • C + bash + python polyglot control code with standardized output convention
  • offline operation with 2.4Ghz wifi for monitoring and maintenance

I’m a hardware beginner, so this is a beginner talk in terms of hardware. I know just enough about hardware to ask someone smarter how to not make everything start smoking.

I’ve been writing software for about 20 years, so I want to get into some detail about the software.

This talk isn’t about carpentry–you’ll have to ask my wife about that.


Adam Monsen

Adam Monsen, SeaGL

SeaGL founder. Into FLOSS. Seattleite. VP Engineering at C-SATS. Baker, biker, father of two.