November 3rd & 4th, 2023
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What's new in Python 3.6 and some of the factors to consider when upgrading from Python 3.5 or Python 2.7

SeaGL 2017

Python 3.6 has a bunch of cool features, but you have to know what they are if you are going to take advantage of them. My talk is going to focus on what is new and why they are “cool” and you should use them.

I am also going to discuss the decision criteria you should use when making the decision about what which version to use when implementing your python software projects.


Jeff Silverman

Jeff Silverman, PuPPy

I got my first personal computer in 1969. From there, I have fascinated by ones and zeros, although I don’t know why because if you’ve seen one one, you’ve seen them all and the zeroes are nothing to look at, either. I’ve worked at Boeing, Mathsoft, the UW, Real Networks, F5 Networks, Google, Sweetlabs, Impinj, Juniper Networks, Amazon, and now at AT&T.