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Convincing engineers big business believes in Open Source

My company has not always embraced open source and the ideals it espouses, and in the last few years we have endeavored to radically alter this by embracing open source contributions whole-heartedly at a company-wide level. That being said, change is hard and takes time to sink in. It is our jobs as open source advocates to spread this idea of open source as a first class citizen in the way all our software engineers think throughout the company. This talk focuses on ideas you can use to bring people along for the ride and change the hearts and minds of your coworkers. Together, we can realize our companies as an open source first companies, but it will take all of us to get there. I want to share some tips with you on how.

I will be instructing fellow open source advocates on how we can get individual contributors and people leaders alike engaged in the idea of our companies moving toward an open source first culture.


Trevor Menagh

Trevor Menagh, TODO Group

Trevor Lalish-Menagh is a software engineering manager of the Commerce Team at Comcast Technology Solutions where he leads a team of engineers and testers to create the backend systems that run a large part of the online video offerings available on the Internet today. He is passionate about adapting processes to fit the team and achieving high code quality. He has spoken nationally on topics of Agile, kanban, testing, and code quality.