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Hack your clothes: Merging and patching textiles

Many FLOSS enthusiasts exact perfect control of every bit and byte in their digital lives, but feel helpless at the mercy of clothing manufacturers to mass-produce garments for them. Sewing is an under-appreciated technology which allows you to modify, resize, and even duplicate your proprietary garments, or design your own!

This talk will take a quick spin through the underlying principles of fabric materials and construction, then share everything you need to know to mend, re-shape, or add pockets to your clothes. And of course, we’ll talk about when you should and shouldn’t sew with floss.

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E. Dunham

E. Dunham, Mozilla

E. Dunham is the DevOps engineer for Mozilla research, which in practice means shepherding servers for the Rust language and Servo browser engine web presence, continuous integration, and release infrastructure. The OSU Open Source Lab alum’s hobbies include carpentry, gardening, and filing “please license your code” issues on GitHub.