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How I automate my pool pumps with a Raspberry Pi and some open-source software

Most Internet-of-Things devices you can buy today tend to be completely proprietary, inflexible, and tied into some would-be data overlord’s cloud. But it can be different: in this talk I will to a show-and-tell on my project to automate my swimming pool’s pumps using a Raspberry Pi and some open-source software. I now can schedule and monitor what’s happening with my pool from the living room couch, at a fraction of the cost of a commercial system, and without lock-in. The message of the talk: you can probably do it, too!


Johannes Ernst

Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp.

Johannes is an entrepreneurial geek who has built open-source software for almost 20 years, including an identity system, a graph database, a personal knowledge management application, IoT systems and others. He currently works on UBOS, a Linux distribution optimized for self-hosting web applications on hardware controlled by the user. His newest project is Project Springtime.

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