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Preparing Lesson Plans - Teaching Yourself, Training Others

Being a teacher for 30 years, Lesson Plans are a basic necessity before entering the classroom. I’ll explain why and how we create them. I recently started training as a Pilates instructor for my personal growth. When creating lesson plans, my trainer was effusive about how I had devised them. This comes from many years of teaching - it’s almost second nature for me. In this talk, I’ll explain how you can share your knowledge effectively - basically training people in the concepts that you want them to learn. As I have discovered, you will also learn how to reinforce your own learning for new subjects by preparing lesson plans to teach others.


Susan Harris

Susan Harris

Susan Harris is a piano teacher and pianist. She began studying the piano in England, at the age of seven, later receiving a BA (Hons) music degree and then a Post Grad in Music Education from Reading University. As well as her degree in music and Post Grad in Education, Susan is a Licentiate of the Guildhall School of Music, London. For many years Susan taught in schools including orchestra and choir, as well as piano. Her Ofsted reports rated her as ‘Outstanding’.