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Smart Greenhouses with IoT, Machine Learning, and sometimes plants

What does it take to grow food all year round in the Pacific North West when you are a lazy software engineer? This talk walks through the journey of one who has taken up the challenge of growing food with as much technology and as little effort as possible. The end-result of this journey is one of the most advanced greenhouses in the PNW. Topics include supplemental greenhouse lighting control, energy efficient heating/cooling, visual computing to estimate plant growth, machine learning to predict conditions, automatic irrigation, sensors and monitoring, and much more.


Kevron Rees

Kevron Rees, Intel Corporation

Kevron has worked in Open Source for over 12 years. He started out in Linux by creating the first Linux-based distro for vehicle entertainment. Since joining Intel, Kevron has worked in the Open Source Technology Center for nearly a decade and has contributed to a number of open source projects.