November 3rd & 4th, 2023
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Alcohol & Inclusivity in Tech

SeaGL 2020

Alcohol is a major theme in tech culture, whether it’s bonding with peers near the office keg, letting off steam with afterword drinks, or meeting industry giants over conference beers. Unfortunately, tech culture around alcohol often excludes people on the basis of gender, medication, religion, pregnancy, addiction, age, and more. We’ll learn some of the basic pitfalls to avoid, and then talk solutions with easy-to-practice ally skills for how to discuss, serve, and approach alcohol at events and in the workplace.

We’re all virtual right now, which provides a lot more space to make our own decisions free of professional obligation. It’s also a great time to reconsider how we approach things, so we can return to the office and events with fresh eyes and new skills.


Kara Sowles

Kara Sowles

Kara Sowles is a community management, developer relations, and tech events specialist currently building open source maintainer resources at GitHub. Previously manager of community at Puppet for 8 years, where she oversaw technical conference programs, built an extensive user group program, organized widespread employee evangelism, and IDK man, I can’t remember all the stuff, it feels like it’s been forever. I guess that’s what LinkedIn’s for. In her personal life, she enjoys amateur archaeology, art, and observing both graffiti and nature in equal parts.