November 3rd & 4th, 2023
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Open Source on the Mainframe in 1960, 1999, and Today

SeaGL 2020

In what could be called a grandfather of open source user groups, SHARE, the first enterprise IT user group, was formed in 1955. By 1960 they had collaboratively adopted and released the SHARE Operating System. This laid the groundwork for what was to become a tight relationship between the mainframe and users who collaboratively got together to develop and share software.

In this talk we’ll explore this history, and where the mainframe is today with relation to the modern open source movement by talking about the latest developments in the realm of Linux for the mainframe and projects maintained by the Open Mainframe Project.


Elizabeth K. Joseph

Elizabeth K. Joseph, IBM

Elizabeth K. Joseph is a Linux systems administrator turned developer advocate for IBM Z where she works with the community to explore Linux workloads on mainframes.

She has previously worked on distributed systems, including OpenStack and Apache Mesos, and has written books on Ubuntu and OpenStack. She is a regular speaker and keynoter at open source conferences around the world.