November 8th & 9th, 2024
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The Fediverse @ Your Library

SeaGL 2022

Fediverse enthusiasts and public libraries have a shared interest in preserving privacy, control, and a smaller, more intimate, and non-commercial community for their users, but they’re not collaborating as much as they could on those shared values to provide easy ways for potential Fediverse users to get started, either as a user or as an instance host.

Librarians often lack the technical resources to implement and maintain Fediverse instances on their own, but could work with enthusiasts to help themselves and their users create and manage their own instances of / accounts on the Fediverse.

This presentation will take a high-level look at how a collaboration might work between a public library and Fediverse enthusiasts, including benefits and possible pain points for both sides along the way.


Alex Byrne

Alex Byrne

I get paid to be silly in front of other people and put them at ease using technology. I think that’s extremely well suited to my skill set.