November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Attending SeaGL

SeaGL uses a chat system called Matrix to run our virtual conference. We’ve got things set up so Matrix is super easy to use for you - just follow these 3 steps. But if you do run into any trouble, you can email and we’ll help you get it sorted out.

Step 1 - get your 2023 account

The first step is to get a 2023 account! This won’t require any of your personal information. Come back to this page after you’re signed up.

Get my account

This account will be deleted after the conference is over, but for the duration of the conference it will be a full Matrix account and will let you do everything a regular, permanent Matrix account would.

Step 2 - get oriented

This is the home screen of SeaGL’s version of Element, an open source, free software client that you can use to get onto Matrix. Our Element is slightly modified to give you an even better conference experience.

Screenshot of

Some things to know about Matrix and your 2023 account:

  1. Matrix is decentralized, which means that your account is “at” the provider of your choice, but you can communicate seamlessly across providers - similar to email.
  2. We’re acting as the Matrix provider for the account you just made to attend SeaGL. Because your account is primarily intended for you to attend, it will be deleted on November 11th (one week after the end of the conference). Before that day, though, it will function as a full Matrix account. (Try joining the Matrix room of a free software project you hear about at the conference!)
  3. If you decide you like Matrix, we encourage you to get a permanent account and hang out in the year-round SeaGL space! There are lots of options for using Matrix, but we often recommend as a service provider (since it’s a public service operated by a non-profit) and Element as the client you use to get on Matrix (since it’s open source and available on many platforms, including the web).

Step 3 - have fun at SeaGL!

We hope you enjoy hanging out with our flock this year. Our friendly Matrix bot, Patch, will help guide you around the conference. If you have any questions, please bring them up in the “Welcome” or “Info Booth” rooms.

As a reminder, participation in any SeaGL space is subject to our Code of Conduct.