November 8th & 9th, 2024
Love SeaGL and want to help out? Get Involved

Attend with your Matrix account

SeaGL’s virtual conference exists on a Matrix homeserver operated by Seattle Matrix. The whole conference is a series of rooms and subspaces in a Matrix space—it is primarily designed with Element’s interface in mind. You can of course use your own preferred Matrix client—just bear in mind we won’t be able to help you out as much.

Here’s a button to get into the main conference space:

Join the SeaGL 2023 space

Below are some tips on navigating the conference in Element. If you run into any trouble, you can always email or find us in the Info Booth room.

As a reminder, participation in any SeaGL space is subject to our Code of Conduct.

Spaces in Element can be confusing if you’re not used to them. You can access this page which will show you an overview of all rooms in the SeaGL space, allowing you to jump directly into any of them:

Screenshot of a screen in Element showing a hierarchical list of all rooms in the SeaGL space

We recommend you expand the sidebar for quicker access to the main space and subspaces. First, expand the spaces list on the far left (you may have to hover your mouse over the left side to see the arrow):

Screenshot of the top-left of the Element client pointing out the arrow directly to the right of the profile picture in the upper-left corner

Then hover over the SeaGL 2023 space—or a relevant subspace—and click the three dots menu, then “Space home”:

Screenshot of the SeaGL space item in the Element left pane, with the three dots button at the right of the list item highlighted

Widget prompts

SeaGL makes heavy use of Matrix widgets to provide the conference experience. In particular, widgets are how we embed video streams into Matrix rooms—enabling chat participation while watching the talks. Because of this, you may see quite a few permission prompts like this:

Screenshot of a widget prompt in Element - a box above the main chat window labeled Welcome to SeaGL 2023 with text that says 'Using this widget may share data with' and a button that says 'Continue'

Please allow these widgets in order to experience the conference properly.

Call buttons

The audio and video call buttons in Element aren’t used in the Matrix rooms where presentations are being streamed—don’t click them. If you lose the video stream by accident, here’s how to get it back:

  1. Click the room info button in the upper-right corner:Screenshot of the "i" Room Info button in the top-right corner

  2. Under “Widgets”, click the pin icon next to “Live Stream” or “Video Conference”:Screenshot of the "Pin" icon next to a widget item labeled "Live Stream" in the "Widgets" section of the Element Room Info sidebar on the right

Advanced usage: use our Element client

One option that will solve the above caveats is to use our customized version of Element, available at The reason we don’t recommend this in the first place is because submitting your Matrix credentials into random websites is bad practice, and we don’t want to encourage it. However, we’re mentioning this option for completeness and would happily share our service.

If you insist on using our version of Element—hopefully because you really do trust the SeaGL staff with your Matrix credentials, visit and click “Sign In” under the “Create 2023 Account” button.

To be clear, we have no intention to store, save, or otherwise misuse your credentials—but there are risk that we feel are important to share.