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Program Committee Code of Practice

This is what we believe in and how we operate as we go about our business of building the best possible program and schedule for SeaGL.

As members of the SeaGL program committee and proposal reviewers, aside from the SeaGL Code of Conduct, we also agree to operate according to these values and statements:


How Do We Operate?

How are these values reflected in how we operate as program committee members and reviewers? There could be many different ways, obviously, but here are some examples of what we will do our best to do:

We are all pleased to have the opportunity to serve the SeaGL community and share this Code of Practice with you. If you are interested in getting involved with organizing or volunteering, please contact Otherwise, we hope to see you at SeaGL this year!

All content published on the SeaGL website is licensed CC BY-SA. You are encouraged to copy, modify, and redistribute this Code of Practice however you and your event need.

Last Updated: June 22, 2021