November 8th & 9th, 2024
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How To Record Your Own Conference Talk

SeaGL 2018 is approaching quickly and we’re starting to put the finishing touches on preparations.

This year, due to technical constraints, we are not recording talks. However, all speakers are—as always—encouraged to record their own and share them with the world.

A/V connection details

All rooms will have HDMI connectors (though a few may also have VGA). Please come prepared with whatever adapters you’ll need to hook up your laptop to the HDMI connector. If you forget your adapter, don’t worry: we’ll have a few on hand, just in case.

Do try to test out your laptop in your presentation room during one of the breaks or lunch times before your talk is scheduled. Two minutes before your talk is not a good time to learn that you forgot your video adapter.

🎥 Recording your talk 🎥

Regardless of your preferred platform, we have recording instructions for you.

If you’ve not recorded your own presentations before, you’ll probably want to do a test run before you get to SeaGL just to be sure you have the software you need and that you’re familiar with how to use it.

The Windows instructions also include details for using Open Broadcaster Software (which is Free software) to record your screencast. These instructions will work for any platform where you can run OBS (read: pretty much all of them).

The room moderator for your talk may not be familiar with the recording instructions for your platform, so please test this out ahead of time to make sure you know how to do it.

Out of respect for everyone else using the conference wifi, we ask that you not attempt to live stream your presentation.

Sharing your slides, video, etc.

Once you’ve recorded your talk, what do you do with it? Or with your slides?

You could upload the video to YouTube and the slides to SlideShare, and if that’s your preference that’s great. However, we encourage you to upload the video and the slides together to a single item at Internet Archive.

Here are instructions for uploading a video to the Archive. The exact same instructions will work for slides or any other digital material you wish to share.

If you upload your video and/or slides to Internet Archive (or anywhere else), please include seagl2018 as a subject tag. That will make it easier for us to locate your material and share it around.

Please also tweet out any talk content that you post. If you tag @seagl we’ll retweet it to boost the signal.