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SeaGL 2018: Final Details

OMG Only Two Days Until SeaGL Holy Smokes!

Ladies, gentlemen, and geeks of all genders (or no gender at all)! Welcome to the final few two days before SeaGL 2018! We’ve a few final notes to share with you before the 🎉 Big Event 🎉…

Code of Conduct

SeaGL, like free software, is for everyone. It’s paramount to us that all attendees feel (and be!) safe and welcome.

Please remember that all staff, presenters, and attendees of SeaGL are expected to obey the Code of Conduct not only at SeaGL but also in all SeaGL-associated spaces including but not limited to associated social events, the conference party, and the IRC channel.

If you have any concerns at all that are of a Code of Conduct nature, please email coc AT as soon as possible. If you need immediate help, please locate any SeaGL staffer. We’ll be wearing name tags that say STAFF so hopefully we’ll be easy to spot.


The SeaGL site includes maps to and of the venue and surrounding area, including information about parking should you need that sort of thing.

As the venue is a community college, it’s able to support people of all types of accessibility needs. Please see Seattle Central’s accessibility page for complete information.

Social media

We encourage people to get together, chat, and just generally share their SeaGL experiences. People are the best part of Free Software, after all.

If you share anything on your social network of choice, please use the #seagl2018 hashtag so everyone can follow along. If you do the Twitter thing, please follow @seagl for up to the minute announcements and updates.

Join our official conference IRC channel on Freenode for backchannel chatter and socializing. It’s #seagl and already has a number of folks hanging out in there. If you haven’t used IRC before, don’t worry! There’s a web interface to get you up and going with minimal fuss. You’ll need to register a nickname with Freenode in order to join, but that’s quick and easy to do. Instructions for that and a lot of other helpful IRC tips are available in this quickstart guide.

Social events

We have several associated social events you can join, if that’s how you roll:


Totally informal dinner gathering
  • WhereLa Cocina Oaxaqueña, 1216 Pine St.
  • When: Dinner-ish time (7PM or whenever)
  • Details: Feel like getting a bite and maybe running into SeaGL folks? Then come here for dinner. We have no reserved seats and everyone will pay for themselves. If it’s a nice night, aim to be seated on the patio out front.


SeaGL lunch
  • Where: Expo hall
  • When: 11:30AM - 1PM
  • Details: Thanks to our friends at Twilio, there is such thing as a free lunch. Refuel for the afternoon of filling your brains with more free and open source goodness.
Free Software Foundation mixer
  • WhereMcMenamins Six Arms, 300 E. Pike St.
  • When: 6PM - 9PM
  • Details: Light appetizers, a tasty beverage, and a Free Software Social courtesy of our dear friends at the Free Software Foundation!
Diverse SeaGLs Flocking Together
  • Where: Herb & Bitter Public House: 516 Broadway East
  • When: 6PM
  • Details: Thanks to the generosity of IBM and the assistance of Twilio, this year SeaGL will host its first social event focused around diversity and inclusion. Folks belonging to groups under-represented in technology (and their allies!) are welcome. Arrangements are being finalised now, seating will be limited, and invitations will be handed out at the event on Friday.


TeaGL, the SeaGL Tea Swap
  • Where: The SeaGL expo hall
  • When: all day, but especially the afternoon break
  • Details: If there’s any tea you particularly enjoy, bring it along to SeaGL on Saturday and bring enough for a few other people. Share your tea with the SeaGL community and try some interesting teas brought by others. Black, green, white, herbal, whatever! All teas are welcome at TeaGL. The sharing happens all day, so bring your tea to the expo hall in the morning on Saturday. We’ve also dedicated the Saturday afternoon break as Tea Time so all tea lovers (or simply tea curious) can get together in the expo hall, visit with our sponsors, and have a nice cuppa.
SeaGL lunch
  • Where: Expo hall
  • When: 11:30AM - 1PM
  • Details: Thanks to our friends at Twilio, there is such thing as a free lunch. Refuel for the afternoon of filling your brains with more free and open source goodness.
The Official SeaGL Conference Party
  • Where: Silver Cloud Inn, 1100 Broadway
  • When: 6PM-10PM
  • Details: Food! Beverages! Fun! There’ll be entertainment, including lightning talks (sign up during the conference if you’d like to deliver one). It’s always a great time, so please do join us!

Whew, that was a lot

Wow, there’s a lot going on at SeaGL this year. We can’t wait to see you there!