November 8th & 9th, 2024
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SeaGL Ambassadors Initiative

A fun and important part of building Free Software communities is working with other groups. This is especially true for Free Software conferences, which are gathering places for many FOSS projects, communities and advocates. Conferences play an important role in sharing ideas, building friendships and sharing enthusiasm. SeaGL wishes to work with other organizations to foster broad, welcoming, and diverse communities. That’s why SeaGL created an Ambassador initiative to invest in those connections among free and open groups.

Would you like to help?

Volunteers are needed to serve as SeaGL Ambassadors. Ambassadors will provide communication between SeaGL and other organizations. Ambassadors will also be able to connect with each other. Our goal is to build a strong network of partners in free and open communities.

SeaGL is an annual grass-roots, community-built Free Software conference. As such, our primary mission is to build a diverse community through collaboration, mentoring and openness. By partnering with other communities, SeaGL and partner communities can collaborate in ways that allow us all to do more together. This is the spirit of collaborative development.

SeaGL uses a mailing list as its main form of communication with Ambassadors. To volunteer your organization as a partner or to join as an Ambassador, self-subscribe by emailing ambassadors+subscribe (at) or contact us at participate (at)