November 8th & 9th, 2024
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The SeaGL 2020 Program is Live

We are pleased to announce that the SeaGL 2020 program is now live!

The schedule is filled with lots of great talks from very talented speakers and spans November 13-14.

Take some time to browse through the list of talks and start deciding which ones you will be attending.

As a reminder, SeaGL 2020 is completely virtual.

SeaGL is also completely free as in tea with no registration required, so everyone is welcome to attend.

All Speakers And Talks (in non-preferential order):

  • 10 Vim Tricks - Bri Hatch
  • A Beginner-Inclusive Approach to Open Source - Ruth Ikegah
  • Alcohol & Inclusivity in Tech - Kara Sowles
  • Building Alternative Networks for Fun and Resistance - Lisha Sterling
  • Building Free CI/CD with GitHub Actions - Cameron Bielstein
  • Contacts to Connections: CRM funneling for projects and people - Wm Salt Hale
  • Crossing the Gender Divide: How I Learned to See My Own Bias - Aeva Black
  • Data Liberation: Open Source Observability - Nočnica Fee
  • Democratizing Documentation - Megan Guiney
  • Demystifying Contributor Culture: IRC, Mailing Lists, and Netiquette for the 21st Century - Jill Rouleau
  • Environments - Christopher Neugebauer
  • Features of a Modern Terminal Emulator - Mike Hamrick
  • First Steps with Swift for TensorFlow - Paris Buttfield-Addison
  • FLOSS and You - der.hans
  • Gaming for Good: Using Passions and Technology for Social Change - Josh Boykin
  • How to Build a Zombie Detector: Identifying Software Quality Problems - Kaylea Champion
  • Introducing FOSS Culture at Universities - Suraj Kumar Mahto
  • Let’s Make Games with Rust - Elijah C. Voigt
  • Move Slow and Try Not to Break Each Other - Deb Nicholson
  • Oops! I Became an Open Source Maintainer - Mariatta Wijaya
  • Open Source on the Mainframe in 1960, 1999, and Today - Elizabeth K. Joseph
  • Overclocking for your Mind and Body - Rowin Andruscavage
  • Patently Obvious - Neal McGovern
  • Porting GW-BASIC back to Z80 - Leandro Pereira
  • Rise Up for Free Software in Schools - Mariah Villarreal
  • Scheduling your Open Source Project - Ben Cotton
  • Self-Hosting with Traefik and Docker - Matt McGraw
  • Software Freedom through Collective Action - Aaron Wolf
  • Stand-Up Comedy about FLOSS - Sumana Harihareswara
  • The Open Digital Photography Workflow - Stephen Wilson
  • The United States’ History with Free Software and What We Can Do to Improve the Future - Amanda Sopkin
  • Time for Action: How to build D&I in your project - Justin W. Flory and Bhagyashree (Bee)
  • When does a service take away your software freedom? - Ian Kelling
  • Keynote - VM Brasseur
  • Keynote - Kathy Giori
  • Keynote - Daniel Pono
  • Keynote - Máirín Duffy