November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Lightning Talks at SeaGL 2021!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that we’re hosting lightning talks at SeaGL this year! Think of this space as a great opportunity to learn about fun topics, or even present your own talk. It’s a great way to get comfortable with speaking to an audience or to explore the kernel of an idea that could become a full-length talk at SeaGL 2022!

The lightning talks will be a series of 5 minute talks which will be pre-recorded - meaning that we can accommodate speakers from all over the world! We’re looking for any community focused talks. A few examples are:

  • Tech examples: Event organization, coding, design, documentation, open source, etc.
  • Non-tech examples: non-profit work, hobbies/programs (eg. community gardens), sports teams, theater, etc.

Our one request is that there are no promotions of any kind - meaning, please no video resumes, no company/product promos, etc.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you, our community. Please submit your talk ideas as soon as possible, as we will be reviewing them on a rolling basis.