November 8th & 9th, 2024
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SeaGL 2022: DAY 2!

Welcome to the second and last day of SeaGL 2022! Be sure to check out our amazing lineup of events. Below, you will find the schedule for today (Saturday, November 5, 2022). As a reminder, SeaGL 2022 is completely virtual for the third year in a row. The conference is also completely “free as in tea” with no registration required. Everyone is welcome to attend!

You can attend if you go to Live streams are also available at

As a reminder, our Code of Conduct applies during ALL SeaGL interactions. In chat, during one’s talk if you are giving one, social events during SeaGL, and on other platforms during or as a result of the conference.

Normal talk blocks are 30m. There are 20m for the talk, and 10m for optional Q&A as led by the Room Moderator. The Moderator will read questions from the text chat audience for the speaker to answer. There is no Q&A during Keynotes.

All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time, which is UTC-07:00. (Note: The US time change happens the evening AFTER the conclusion of the conference early on Sunday morning)


  • 9:30am Opening Announcements
  • 9:35am Keynote by Lorena Mesa


  • Alanna Burke - The struggle of getting an open-source community off the ground
  • Atinuke Kayode - On Growth: Tips to Grow a Healthy Open Source Community


  • Aarti Ramkrishna - The Leaky Pipeline
  • Kaylea Champion - What’s Anonymity Worth?


  • Wm Salt Hale - Ten years of SeaGL


  • No-Cook Lunch Hour


  • Deb Nicholson - Grow Your FOSS Project with this One Weird Trick
  • Bob Murphy - A brief introduction to the Fediverse


  • Brian Peters - VDO - Virtual Data Optimizer
  • Brian Raiter - Programmer Culture: The Odd Phenomenon of Recreational Programming


  • Bri Hatch - Tab completion for your custom commands
  • Adrian Cochrane - The Small Web


  • Matt McGraw - Self-hosting Simple Web Apps With Traefik and Docker Compose
  • Kaylea Champion - TIL 2022: FLOSS Research Roundup


  • Keynote by Sumana Harihareswara


  • Evening mock/cocktails