November 8th & 9th, 2024
Love SeaGL and want to help out? Get Involved

SeaGL 2023 kicks off!

After migrating south for a few months of winter, the SeaGL flock is back together!

We’ve just wrapped up our first all hands kickoff meeting, meaning that the conference organizing season is officially here. But if you missed it, fear not - we’re experimenting with two all hands meetings this year to better accommodate people’s schedules, so you’ll have another opportunity this Friday, February 24th, at 11 AM Pacific Time! We’ll be meeting every other week in the future so if you can’t make the Friday time, that’s totally OK too.

We’re always looking for more volunteers to staff conference committees, especially since SeaGL is back in person this year, with the option to attend remotely for those who can’t make it! Everyone on our all-volunteer staff is super excited to see everyone in Seattle again, but we know it’ll be a lot of work so if any of the committees listed on our Get Involved page interests you - or if none of them do, but you’re still interested in contributing - please reach out to or get in touch with us via Matrix or IRC, both of which are linked from the Get Involved page. We’d be thrilled to have you on the team with us.

And lastly, if you missed the memo last November, the dates for this year’s conference are November 3rd and 4th. Go double-check that it’s on your calendar - we can’t wait to hang out with the SeaGL flock again. We’ve gone too long without photos of people with Patch!