November 8th & 9th, 2024
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SeaGL 2023 Call For Proposals

Welcome to the 2023 SeaGL Call For Proposals! We’re always looking for new perspectives, and this year, we want to hear from you. Our Call for Papers closes on Wednesday May 31, 2023 Friday June 30, 2023.

How to submit

Go to our talk submission portal, OSEM, and create an account or log in with your account from previous years. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Submit your proposal now.

Fill in your talk title and abstract, without including biographical information. When you have submitted, you will be taken to a page called Proposals for SeaGL 2023, with a list of your talks. Click on the Edit button, and add your bio, talk category, and difficulty, then click the Update proposal button to save the details.

What we’re looking for

This year, we’re accepting both 20-minute and 50-minute talks from in-person and virtual presenters. We welcome uncommonly heard perspectives, and like to watch presenters get out of their comfort zone to apply lessons across technical disciplines. We also want to see submissions from first-time speakers and members of under-represented groups in tech.

For more information on talk topics and structure, go here.

What we expect from speakers

The SeaGL Code of Conduct applies to staff, presenters, volunteers, attendees, and sponsors alike. The content of your presentation, and your behaviour at the conference, must abide by the Code of Conduct.

To present at SeaGL, you’ll need to be able to do one of the following:

  • be in Seattle on November 3rd or 4th to present live;
  • submit a pre-recorded video to us by October 1st, and optionally be available after your presentation for live Q&A;
  • or be available to present via live-streaming on November 3rd and 4th, with a required technical check a week before.

Office Hours

SeaGL pioneered the idea of CfP Office Hours, so stay tuned for details. If you need help in the meantime, please email us at, or join the General Discussion room in SeaGL’s Matrix channel.

Who we are

The Program Committee is the group responsible for selecting and scheduling all of the great talks you enjoy at SeaGL. This year, the Program Committee consists of:

  • Dawn Cooper (chair)
  • Atinuke ‘Bami’ Kayode
  • Monica Ayhens-Madon

We operate using the SeaGL Program Committee Code of Practice.

If you need help, or want to volunteer with the Program Committee, you can contact us via email at, Mastodon, or Matrix