November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Hosting Events that the Whole Community Loves

SeaGL 2015

So, you’re responsible for a growing an open source community and you want to ensure it’s a friendly place for newcomers and old-timers alike. You want to make sure everyone feels welcome and has access to a variety of events (both on and offline) with content that meets the needs of all of your user base from beginner to advanced. This talk will…

  • Discuss how to create events that include your entire user base - beginners, advanced and diverse attendees
  • Talk about the value of in person and online events and how to target them to your audience
  • Talk about the value of hosting local community events into your office and tips for how to do it
  • Talk about the role that an event code of conduct plays in making spaces inclusive, as well as other aspects.

After the talk, attendees should:

  • Understand the value of planning a variety of events for your user base and have tips for how to do it with a mind to creating an inclusive event for all.


Meg Hartley

Meg Hartley, Puppet Labs

Meg Hartley plans and runs many programs and events for the Puppet Labs community all over the world. She is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for all members of the community to learn in a safe space and feel appreciated. Before her work at Puppet, she helped start a community focused on bringing awareness to dyslexia in the public schools.