November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Scribus: Libre Desktop Publishing from Books to Zines

SeaGL 2015

Whether creating a program for your free software conference or a zine for your friends, the GPL-licensed desktop publishing program Scribus is for you.

Working from my own experience creating print publications for the Free Software Foundation, and assuming no prior desktop publishing experience, I will give an overview of Scribus, explain how to install it, and walk through the creation of a simple, multi-page document. The discussion will cover why Scribus is the best choice for your project, and briefly examine other libre programs that complement it, including GIMP and Inkscape.


Georgia Young

Georgia Young

Program Manager at @FSF. Musician @ Animal Hospital Ensemble, Insect Fable, Gun Mother, Brian Carpenter & the Confessions. Programmer @Bosunderground. She/her.