November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Bicycles as a Metaphor for FLOSS

SeaGL 2019

Over the last three years, I have really gotten into bicycling. From a negligible cycling past, I broke the 10,000 mile mark a while ago.

Last year, while riding from Seattle to Bellingham, from my biking community to my Linux community, I considered just how Freeing each transition had been. Historically biking has been associated with many things including health, happiness, and feminism. What about Free Software?

During the next 20 minutes, we will explore the open engineering, grassroots innovation, hands-on-learning, hidden dangers, bright horizons, and overall rad routes that both free software and bicycles cover mile by mile, together.

This ride through history, past, present, and future, will leave both free software and cycling enthusiasts with a deeper understanding of what it is that “sparks joy” within members of each group.

Join me in an exploration of excitement, engineering, and Freedom as we take this journey on two-wheeled, self-powered transportation and transformation!


Wm Salt Hale

Wm Salt Hale,

/?/ Kilted Globetrotter,
Free/Libre/Open Advocate,
and Lifelong Hacker /?/

William Salt Hale, is a Seattle local who studies Technology and Society at the University of Washington (UW) Department of Communication and is the Community Director at He attends, organizes, and speaks worldwide at: conferences, conventions, events, festivals, and faires; on various topics including: communication, crowdmatching, internet technologies, linux, music, sci-fi/fantasy, security, and windsports. Salt is very approachable and will always be found wearing a kilt.