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SeaGL 2019: “A Prime Year for Free Software” November 15–16


  1. Elior Sterling, Geeks Without Bounds
  2. Abigail Cabunoc Mayes
  3. Aeva Black
  4. Jeff Silverman, PuPPy
  5. Lance Albertson, Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL)
  6. Brett Sheffield, Librecast
  7. Rachel Kelly, Fastly
  8. Adam Monsen, SeaGL
  9. Nell Shamrell,
  10. Audrey Eschright, HashiCorp
  11. Mike Hamrick
  12. Hailee Kenney, & Django Girls PDX
  13. Joe Roets, Dragonchain
  14. Alice Monsen
  15. Athan Spathas
  16. Deb Nicholson, SeaGL
  17. John SJ Anderson, Infinity Interactive
  18. Robert Joslyn
  19. Michael Smith, Puppet, Inc.
  20. Dwayne Thomas
  21. Brian Raiter
  22. Flynn Liu
  23. Amulya Bandikatla, Indeed
  24. Garrett Honeycutt, Tailored Automation
  25. Gaba, The Tor project
  26. Kate Pond, Allen Institute for Immunology
  27. Deb Goodkin
  28. Mairi Dulaney, The Dreadnought Project
  29. Nadine Whitfield, ThoughtWorks
  30. Jerome Comeau


  1. Benjamin Mako Hill, University of Washington
  2. Sage Sharp
  3. Aaron Wolf,
  4. Eva Monsen, Sunrise Data, Inc
  5. Toby Betts
  6. Nishant Sharma, Hopbox, Unmukti Technology
  7. Ryan McKern
  8. Brian Mock
  9. Oscar Baechler, Lake Washington Institute of Technology
  10. Bradley M. Kuhn, Software Freedom Conservancy
    Karen M. Sandler, Software Freedom Conservancy
  11. Mark Polyakov
  12. John SJ Anderson, Infinity Interactive
  13. Johannes Ernst, Indie Computing Corp.
  14. Vagrant Cascadian, Reproducible Builds, Debian, Aikidev
  15. Wm Salt Hale,
  16. AJ Jordan
  17. der.hans, Object Rocket
  18. Nadine Whitfield, ThoughtWorks
  19. Michael Dexter
  20. Karen M. Sandler, Software Freedom Conservancy
    Bradley M. Kuhn, Software Freedom Conservancy
  21. Bri Hatch, ExtraHop Networks
  22. Keith Packard
  23. Dawn Parzych
  24. Katheryn Sutter,
  25. Matt McGraw,
  26. Gareth J. Greenaway



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