November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Releasing Open Source Code in a Large Enterprise

SeaGL 2019

Releasing Open Source Code in a Large Enterprise and a Unique Model for Open Source Monetization

I will speak about releasing a major open source project within a Fortune 100 company. I will detail the intense process navigated within Disney to release our project under an open source license in 2016.

Such as:

  • Executive sponsorship from multiple divisions
  • Legal approval
    • License selection
    • Parks legal
    • WDI (Imagineering) legal
    • Corporate legal
  • Intellectual Property considerations
    • Copyright holder
    • Corporate patent
    • Parks patent
  • Engineering approval
    • Vulnerability and general security scan
    • Dependency check
    • OWASP analysis
    • Codebase purge of proprietary code and information
  • Evaluation of value to open source community
  • Branding
    • Naming rules and name change proposal
    • Trademark approval
  • Enterprise use approval review
  • Ownership proposal and review
  • Creation of a Foundation

I will also detail the model by which we independently funded the project outside of Disney’s, security education of our community, what we learned, how we’ve recently returned to open source with another major release, and our unique monetization strategy moving forward.


Joe Roets

Joe Roets, Dragonchain

Joe Roets is a successful Software and Systems Architect with experience as CIO, CTO, and Senior Vice President in many industries. For over 20 years at such companies as Disney, Lockheed Martin, Sprint, FBI, DoD, and createTank, he has spearheaded new technology groups and led software engineering teams both large and small.

Joe has led multiple productization efforts in advanced technologies. At Disney, Joe founded and leads a team to explore and productize a blockchain and cryptocurrency platform. As project and software lead on the MPL mobile project, he directed the process from concept/funding to a fully operational system, delivering a next generation mobile capability to consumers and 3rd party integrators. On the cloudGatherer and BoltWS projects, Joe successfully obtained angel funding and led technical teams to build a security focused product platform with which organizations deploy their services on a cloud-provider agnostic platform.