November 8th & 9th, 2024
Love SeaGL and want to help out? Get Involved

Call for Volunteers 2021 and Beyond

As we get closer to November, SeaGL is starting the process of looking for volunteers to help with several roles across the virtual conference. There are many opportunities to get involved!

Please note, while the schedule is still in the oven baking, please reach out to Once a finalized schedule is formed, we will reach out with a detailed sign up form via email to coordinate training in short informative sessions or via prerecorded instruction.

Help Desk

Folks in this role will assist in answering common questions about the conference, where to find information, when talks are happening, how to navigate to virtual sponsor area or events, etc. We will provide a FAQ sheet and other documentation, and you will have the ability to escalate questions to specific folks as needed.

Speaker Wrangler

Assist speakers in entering the room for presentation, troubleshooting their presentation needs, making sure speakers are at the right place at the right time, and introduce the speaker to the audience. Moderate the Q&A portion as needed by relaying chat questions to the speaker. Give time cues to the speaker, if wished by the speaker. Additional tasks include keeping an eye out and responding to Code of Conduct abuse in the channel and to, as needed, triage to staff to assist.

Career Counseling

The Career event at SeaGL is a great opportunity to share and get feedback on resumes and all things jobs and hiring. Having more folks to provide unique perspectives and feedback to folks seeking counseling is always appreciated.

SeaGL also requires a lot of work leading up to the conference. More helping hands are always valuable. These roles can start ASAP as we gear up for the conference date, and many continue in the time in-between each year’s conference.


SeaGL has put together a lot of fun tech to make this conference run and can always use help to further the platform. If you have experience with light web development, and customizing Matrix bots (likely a mix of Python and TypeScript) that would be great. More eyes on the development stage and user experience testing would also be great.


Outreach handles promotion and community communication through social media and other avenues. They also provide the graphic design support, blog posts, social media blasts, etc. The committee is also looking for another chair to help lead.


Reaching out to partnership leads is an exciting role that involves emailing leads, corresponding and sharing the yearly prospectus, and relaying the results through an internal process. If you are passionate about connecting community sponsors to SeaGL or representing SeaGL in other community spaces, there’s also room for you too! Organization and timely correspondence via email and light Google Sheets skills are the key here.


The volunteer committee could use more support documenting all areas of the conference or in user-testing the documentation that comes about for various users so all volunteers have a guide to work off of.

We are always open to more ideas of how folks can get involved, so if you have anything you’d like to do that isn’t listed above, please also reach out to