November 8th & 9th, 2024
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SeaGL 2021 Schedule Published!

Hello SeaGL seagulls! The schedule itself is now published! There will be some additions and some things might get moved around, depending, but this is fairly finalized for the talks themselves!

We’ll see you Friday November 5 & Saturday November 6 for SeaGL 2021, all virtual! As always, SeaGL is completely free to attend and no registration is required. All speakers, sponsors, volunteers, staff, and anyone else involved in SeaGL are required to abide by the Code of Conduct.



  • Marie Nordin
  • Elana Hashman
  • Morgan Lemmer-Webber and Christine Lemmer-Webber
  • Cory Doctorow


(listed alphabetically by speaker’s given name)

  • Walking The Cultural Tightrope - Aeva Black
  • Computing Confidentially in the Clouds - Aeva Black
  • FLOSS daily — but FLO all the time - Aaron Wolf, Athan Spathas, Wm Salt Hale
  • Your bug tracker and you - Ben Cotton
  • SSH from your DevOps CI/CD securely - Bri Hatch
  • Good Shell Patterns - Bri Hatch
  • Stories from reviving and extending a university’s information security program - Brian Callahan
  • JSON Document Validation in MySQL 8.0 - David M. Stokes
  • Understanding the MySQL Authentication Process - David M. Stokes
  • The Stories We Don’t Tell - Dawn Cooper
  • Free Security for Open-Source Projects - Dawn Cooper
  • Responding Thoughtfully to a Crisis - Deb Nicholson
  • Introduction to Nextcloud - der.hans
  • Intro to jq: grep for JSON - der.hans
  • Sounds of Open Source archaeology: processing sound with sox - Dmitrii
  • Developing on Nextcloud - Elior Sterling
  • Building cloud networks: Terraform or Ansible? - Francois Caen
  • Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics - Georg Link
  • Open Source Governance: Six Types and Three Models - Josh Berkus
  • Open Source Business Practices - Jim Hall
  • Expressive Security - Katie McLaughlin
  • Predictive Modeling and Privacy - M. de Blanc
  • PostgreSQL Participation in Google’s Summer of Code - Mark Wong
  • Birds by Starlight: Tracking Nocturnal Flight Calls Using Open Source Software - Richard Littauer
  • Know Your Rights as a Tech Worker - Shauna Gordon-McKeon
  • Software Tools for Collective Self-Governance - Shauna Gordon-McKeon
  • Lessons Learned from a Ransomware Attack - Ski
  • Technically Biased: Taking Free Software’s Niche Appeal Mainstream - Stephen Michel
  • Cross debugging on Linux : A history, current state of the art and coming improvements - Thierry Bultel
  • Does open source need its own Priority of Constituencies? - Tobie Langel
  • Debugging Reproducible Builds One Day at a Time - Vagrant Cascadian