November 8th & 9th, 2024
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Updated SeaGL Code of Conduct

SeaGL is proud to be a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for our community to gather and share ideas. We are always working to make sure that our conference is welcoming for people of all backgrounds and skill levels. As part of this, we expect all participants to abide by our Code of Conduct.

We’ve recently made some changes to our Code of Conduct to ensure that it continues to meet our goals. We added some examples of behavior that is considered harassment so that everyone knows what acceptable behavior looks like. There is now a dedicated email contact for Code of Conduct issues so that we can address incidents quickly while respecting privacy. The Code of Conduct now clearly states that it applies to all physical and online spaces associated with the conference, as well as to anyone participating in any role—speaker, attendee, staff, volunteer, or exhibitor.

Our Code of Conduct has never been about punishment—we hope that by clearly defining acceptable behavior, all participants will be able to help make our space safe and welcoming. However, we recognize that an unenforced Code of Conduct serves no one. We take the Code of Conduct seriously and will address any violations. The SeaGL staff welcome constructive feedback on how we can continue improving our Code of Conduct to serve the needs of the community.

In addition to our Code of Conduct, we continue to take active steps to welcome newcomers with offerings such as:

  • Holding office hours to help prospective speakers with their proposals as part of our CFP process
  • Reaching out directly to underserved communities to encourage speaking and attendance
  • Actively encouraging new speakers
  • Conducting the CfP according to our published Code of Practice

All that said, SeaGL is a big-and-little-F free grassroots technical event organized by volunteers. It is difficult to express how much we appreciate all of those who have participated in bringing SeaGL into its 9th year (THANK YOU!). We wouldn’t be here without the community that has supported us along the way and we are committed to supporting it!

If there are any questions regarding our conference or the commitments we make to our community, please reach out to If there is a need for further communication regarding the Code of Conduct, please use