November 8th & 9th, 2024
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SeaGL: on cloud nine

Every year, we select a theme for SeaGL, and this year is no different (at least in that regard)! Without further ado, may we introduce the SeaGL 2021 theme: “on cloud nine”.

“On cloud nine” is an English language idiom that means “a state of blissful happiness.” That’s the feeling we get whenever we think about the wonderful community of volunteers, speakers, sponsors, and attendees that make SeaGL happen. The ninth year will be our best yet!

If you know a little bit of German, there’s a variation on the theme: “on cloud? Nein!” SeaGL is proudly a free and open source software conference. Our virtual experience is built on open software, much of which is hosted and managed by our tech team volunteers.

We hope you’ll be in a state of blissful happiness when you attend SeaGL on November 5–6. The speaker lineup is top notch. We’ll have plenty of social events for you to meet your fellow attendees, including the ever-popular TeaGL tea swap.

SeaGL is a grassroots conference. It exists for the community and because of the community. If you want to help, we’re always looking for volunteers. We know you’ll be blissfully happy if you join us on cloud nine. See you soon!