November 8th & 9th, 2024
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SeaGL 2021: DAY 1!

Welcome to the first day of SeaGL 2021! Please find the full SeaGL 2021 program, and you can read on for just today’s schedule, for Friday, November 5, 2021. As a reminder, SeaGL 2021 is completely virtual for the second year in a row. The conference is also completely “free as in tea” with no registration required. Everyone is welcome to attend!

You can attend if you go to Live streams are also available at

As a reminder, our Code of Conduct applies during ALL SeaGL interactions. In chat, during one’s talk if you are giving one, social events during SeaGL, and on other platforms during or as a result of the conference.

Normal talk blocks are 30m. There are 20m for the talk, and 10m for optional Q&A as led by the Room Moderator. The Moderator will read questions from the text chat audience for the speaker to answer. There are 15 minute periods between talks (except for between sessions 1 and 2 and the Lighting Talk block this morning only, where there are only 10m), which means that the talk blocks are listed as 45 minutes long. There is no Q&A during Keynotes.

All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time, which is UTC -07:00. (note: the US time change happens the evening AFTER the conclusion of the conference on Saturday)

  • 9:00am Opening announcements and welcome by Wm Salt Hale
  • 9:10am Keynote by Elana Hashman
  • 9:35am Keynote by Marie Nordin

10:10am-10:40am block

  • Aaron Wolf, Athan Spathas, Wm Salt Hale - FLOSS daily - but FLO all the time
  • Deb Nicholson - Responding Thoughtfully to a Crisis
  • Bri Hatch - SSH from your DevOps CI/CD securely

10:50am-11:20am block

  • Mark Wong - PostgreSQL Participation in Google’s Summer of Code
  • der.hans - Intro to jq: grep for JSON
  • M. de Blanc - Predictive Modeling and Privacy

11:30-12pm Lightning Block!

  • Athan Spathas - GLass Beatstation Updates
  • Aaron Wolf - Preach Only What You Practice
  • Kaylea Champion - TIL… 10+ Findings from 2021 Global FLOSS Research in Five Minutes

1:15pm-1:45pm block

  • David M Stokes - JSON Document Validation in MySQL 8.0
  • Ski - Lessons Learned from a Ransomware Attack
  • der.hans - Introduction to Nextcloud

2pm-2:30 block

  • Dawn Cooper - The Stories We Don’t Tell
  • Elior Sterling - Developing on Nextcloud

2:45pm-3:15pm break block

  • Friday Booth Crawl!

3:30pm-4pm block

  • Bri Hatch - Good Shell Patterns
  • Shauna Gordon-McKeon - Software Tools for Collective Self-Governance
  • Georg Link - Building and Supporting Open Source Communities Through Metrics

4:30pm-5:30pm party block

  • Devops Party Games!

5:45pm-7:15pm party block

  • Cocktails and Mocktails with Mako!