November 8th & 9th, 2024
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SeaGL 2023: “Turning It Up to Eleven!” November 3–4


  1. Hong Phuc Dang, FOSSASIA
  2. Kaylea Champion, University of Washington
  3. Jens Finkhaeuser, Interpeer gUG
  4. Bri Hatch, ExtraHop Networks
  5. Christopher Swenson
  6. m0n574
  7. Alex Byrne
  8. der.hans, ObjectRocket
  9. Cameron Bielstein, Allen Institute for Brain Science
  10. Cyra Westmere, Capitol Hosting Solutions, LLC
  11. anaaktge, Portland State University
  12. Vagrant Cascadian, Reproducible Builds, Debian, Aikidev
  13. faithkovi
  14. Kyle Rankin
  15. Andrew Tropin, Maintainer and Committer of rde and Guix projects
  16. Brian Raiter
  17. Nočnica Mellifera, SigNoz
  18. Mike Hamrick
  19. Adam Monsen, SeaGL
  20. Desmond Obisi, Flanksource
  21. Colin Foster, Innovative Advantage
  22. Jay Faulkner, G-Research Open Source Software
  23. Bryna Kirzner, COO & Co-Founder, STAAJ Solutions
  24. garrett honeycutt, Tailored Automation
  25. Aaron Wolf,
    Rowan Wolf
  26. Chris Thompson



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