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SeaGL 2021 On Cloud Nine


  1. Elana Hashman
  2. Marie Nordin
  3. Athan Spathas
    Aaron Wolf,
    Wm Salt Hale,
  4. Deb Nicholson, SeaGL
  5. Bri Hatch, ExtraHop Networks
  6. der.hans, Object Rocket
  7. Mark Wong, EDB
  8. Molly de Blanc
  9. der.hans, Object Rocket
  10. David M. Stokes, Oracle, MySQL Community Team
  11. Ski, LOPSA
  12. Elior Sterling, Geeks Without Bounds
  13. Dawn E. Collett
  14. Georg Link, Bitergia
  15. Bri Hatch, ExtraHop Networks
  16. Shauna Gordon-McKeon


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